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Stephenson Browne are delighted to say that we are the appointed exclusive agent for Nub News in Alsager, Congleton, Crewe and Sandbach.  Nub News is an online newspaper who make local news easily accessible on all devices, particularly mobile, without intrusive pop-up advertising, enforced surveys or clickbait.  This partnership means we can offer unrivaled reach to our clients with our property related articles averaging over 1000 views week.

This partnership further cements our position as the local agent who fully supports the local community.

Here is what Karl Hancock of Nub News had to say:

"Nub News is revolutionising the local news industry and that would not be possible without the support and exclusive partnership we have with forward-thinking community-minded estate agents like Stephenson Browne in our Cheshire towns of Crewe, Sandbach, Alsager and Congleton"

Please visit the Nub News website for the area best suited to you and subscribe.